Tyra Banks to star in ‘Life-Size 2,’ wants Lindsay Lohan back

Tyra Banks is beyond excited to star in the sequel to her 2000 Disney film “Life-Size,” but hopes her former co-star Lindsay Lohan can reprise her role.

According Variety, the 43-year-old supermodel announced her involvement in the upcoming project. In the original movie, she played the role of Eve, a doll who was brought to life by a young girl named Casey Stuart, portrayed by Lohan. A twist of maturity will be incorporated in the sequel, which narrates how Eve, now aging, will teach a young woman to “live her life and love again.”


Although no additional cast members are on board yet, Banks is sanguine that Lohan, 30, will make a cameo on the film she once starred as a child.

“I would love for Lindsay to do something,” Banks told E! News. “Like, Lindsay, the last time I saw you was…I don’t know how many years ago—Every time I see her she gives me a hug like it was back in the day like she’s 10 years old again—I would love for you to come back and do something for ‘Life-Size,’ will you? Will you?”

“Life-Size 2,” which will also carry Christmas and young-adult elements, will premiere on Disney-owned TV channel Freeform in December 2018.  Gianna Francesca Catolico /ra