[VIDEO] New Tv Series “Beautiful Liar” By Papilio Multimedia Watch Trailer

PAPILIO MULTIMEDIA brings to you its latest Tv movie series titled BEAUTIFUL LIAR. This is a story that highlights extreme wickedness, the passsion to kill and pure antagonism.

BEAUTIFUL LIAR portrays the suffering of an orphan who goes through the trauma of being raped and a battles to survive.

In an attempt to cover his tracks,the antagonist swore to get the foetus aborted and the victim left lifeless.The hunt begins and many lives are wasted, watch the intriguing story unravel as we journey through.

Papilio Multimedia’s “Beautiful Liar” directed by Big Sam airs soon on your favourite Television Channels nationwide. Watch trailer below…..

Papilio Multimedia Beautiful Liar
Papilio Multimedia Beautiful Liar


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