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things men should know about a woman’s vagina

It is very complicated when it comes to the female reproductive system (vagina), soo many questions and a man’s understanding of the vagina can dramatically affect his love life. This is why bhints is putting together some few things men should know about the vagina, so they can master the fine art of good sex.


Do Women get erection too, and how?
Oh i will say a big yes, Just as a man’s penis swells with blood when he’s aroused, the same way a woman’s clitoris can be erected too..
The clitoris is made of the same erectile tissue as the penis. When a woman is deeply aroused, the whole clitoris, including the internal ‘legs’ become engorged (this is partly why the labia swell) and the glans (the outer part of the clitoris) becomes erect. If you feel a woman’s clitoral glans or head of the clitoris when she’s not aroused and again when she is, you will feel a substantial difference. Obviously this will vary from woman to woman and it also depends on how aroused she is. Credit to Rebecca Lowrie.

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How can women reach an orgasm?
A web search made by bhints.com shows us that around 2009 it wa revealed that about 75 percent of all women never reach orgasm from intercourse alone. And while still on the search we came across this “Are you having trouble reaching orgasm? A guide for women“.

know how you can find the G-spot.

Woman-on-top is probably the easiest pose to get you off because you control the angle, depth, and speed and can [the_ad id=”10117″]easily touch yourself. To get clitoral stimulation, grind against his pubic bone. Varying the move may crank up the heat faster. “Gyrate your hips in an oval rather than up and down,” suggests Bakos. “You’ll tease your clitoris every time you circle forward and your G-spot as you go backward.”

Doggie-style is another quicker-climax pose,” says Fulbright. He is angled right at your G-spot, and you receive deep penetration. If he’s well-endowed, he will also hit your A-spot — an area some scientists say is above the G-spot, toward your cervix, and that, when stimulated, can trigger an intense orgasm. Plus, if you get self-conscious during sex, facing away from your guy helps you tune out your nerves.


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