Chance The Rapper Raises $2.2 million To Help Chicago Schools

Chance The Rapper revealed to us back in June about a plan to help raise money for Chicago school systems by starting a initiative challenge for “Chicago Beyond,” in efforts to get kids off the streets & kickstarting ideas.

On Friday, Chance held a press conference and announced that he in fact had raised $2.2 million to help fund arts education in twenty (20) Chicago schools, thank to the organization’s new Chance fund.

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While talking about other social works initiatives for kids in the city, including the Open Mike program, Parade to the Polls, Warmest Winter, and more. He later discussed the New Chance fund, which will help fund twenty schools with $100,000 over the next three years.

“Every contribution…brings this city and this nation closer to providing a well-rounded quality education for each and every child,” he said. “Funding quality education for public [school] students is the most important investment a community can make.”

Below, is the list of all twenty school in which Chance & his organization will be donating his money too. Check out the press conference (below).

  1. Ambrose Plamondon Elementary
  2. Mireles Elementary Academy
  3. C.E. Hughes Elementary
  4. Edmond Burke Elementary
  5. Edward White Career Academy
  6. Esmond Elementary
  7. Corliss High School
  8. Aldridge Elementary
  9. Fiske Elementary
  10. Greenleaf Whittier Elementary
  11. Beethoven Elementary
  12. Mahalia Jackson Elementary
  13. Michele Clark Academic Prep Magnet High School
  14. Ninos Heroes Elementary
  15. Orr Academy High School
  16. Oglesby Elementary
  17. Robert A. Black Magnet Elementary
  18. Dett Elementary
  19. Spry Community Links High School
  20. W.K. New Sullivan Elementary

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Chicagobulls were also present – ‘’We’re proud to join Chance the rapper at today’s announcement of 20 CPS schools receiving support from the New Chance Arts & Literature Fund’’.