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14 dead in a collapsed Galamsey pit at Prestea W/R

14 out of 19 miners who got trapped in a collapsed mining pit at Prestea-Nsuta in the Western Region have been confirmed dead by Atsu Dzineku who is the Nsuta District Police Commander.
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According to the five victims who escaped their death confessed they were unaware that the pit was weak and wasn’t well supported, this victims are being interrogated by the Police.

 14 feared dead in Galamsey pit at Prestea“We visited the site and the information we gathered through the Committee Chairman was that 14 were dead. We are trying to retrieve the bodies. There were a few survivors. Those who escaped death are the eyewitnesses so they briefed us. They were coming out when all of the sudden they heard the noise which means the pit caved in. Those behind them were trapped. It is an old galamsey pit and they sneaked in to operate when this happened.”

Those were words from the Nsuta District Police Commander.


Small-scale illegal miners often take advantage of the absence of the companies to mine in these already dug out and abandoned pits despite the danger it poses.


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